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Günter Haas

Ultra Cyclist

David Thivel PhD

THIVEL David (PhD)
Laboratory of Metabolic Adaptations do Exercise under Phyiological and Pathological Conditions
Blaise Pascal University 

Assessing body composition is of particular interest for health and/or sport professionals but it remains difficult to have access to objective and valid methods such as dual x-ray absorptiometry (DXA). Anthropometric measures proposed indirect alternatives that might be interesting while bio-impedance technics remain controversial, mainly because of the measure difficulties (hour in the day, fasting state…). Moreover, indirect or BIA analyses’ validity depends on a multitude of factors such as nutritional, adiposity and/or weight status, but also age, gender and physical activity level.
As part of our research, our laboratory is used to assessing body composition using various methods and mainly DXA among healthy sedentary or sport adults or children as well as among populations confronted to metabolic disorders such as Type 2 Diabetes or obesity. 
As part of our on-going trials, we will perform a body composition measure using the last TANITA BIA technology (Tanita MC780MA) to all our participants already programed for a DXA scan. These participants have to wear accelerometers to objectively assess their physical activity level (they also have to fill in several qualitative questionnaires) which will allow us to explore the validity of this TANITA technics depending on the patients’ physical activity pattern and level. Thanks to their measure using already validated and widely used accelerometers, it will be also possible to test the validity of the lately developed devices TANITA AM180.

Romain Feillu

Professional cyclist in France

Alexey Medevedev

I started sports cycling at 12 years old. In the beginning I practiced road racing. Some time later - MTB, BMX, and cross cycling. When I was 15 years old I was invited to the Russian MTB National Team. I now have an international masters degree of sports in MTB.
When I used to participate in marathon races I used to sometimes face  3-4 raise up tracks with 1 hour duration, getting 1000m higher during each one. This is the situation where all extra grams of body weight makes a lot of sense!
It's important to possess enough muscle tissue & have no extra fat. So, Body Composition Analysis appears to be very important during preparation periods. So now the necessity of using private Body Composition Monitor is absolutely clear to me.
In the past, before using the Tanita device, I had to go to a medical doctor every week to weigh myself and pay 25 Euro each time. Now I can save all that money and measure myself anytime, any day.

I like my Tanita BC-1000 very much and I use it for total body composition checking. The most important readings that I check for myself are TBW, Fat %, & Muscle Mass. When I burn a lot muscles at hard trainings – I start a sports nutrition program. BTW, when I started to use BC-1000, I changed the brand of my sport nutrition to protein & creatin, because some of them store too much water in by body. Tanita BCM revealed this to me.
Also, by using BC-1000 I began to understand my fitness level much better. I compare my readings with "personal best" readings. Also in between sport seasons I have become stricter with my physical level because my BCM doesn't allow me to relax & get too unfit!

I now have a goal to take part in the Olympic Games in Brazil. Another target is a gold medal in mountain bike marathon. All my preparation now is devoted to this, so my Tanita BC-1000 is extremely important now… & always!



Polish Volleyball Federation

Polish Volleyball Federation working with Tanita

Dietmar Steck

German racing junky

Dr Michelle Harvie

Research Dietitian at the Nightingale and Genesis Prevention Centre 

Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester and 

Author of the Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Diet (Rodale 2006) 

Julia Viellehner

Long distance runner and triathlete

Dr Giovanni Miletto

Medical Doctor and Presenter for Channel4's The Food Hospital

Matthew Lawson

Club Nutritionist/Dietetics at Notts County Football Club

Dr Nilofer Akram MBBS MCPS DFFP

 Medical Director, Weight Medics

Jane DeVille-Almond, RN, SCM, HV, BA(Hons)

Chair of British Obesity Society and Men's Health Expert

Amanda Hamilton

Nutritionist, personal trainer, TV celebrity and founder of Amanda Hamilton Real Women, Real Weight Loss Programme

Carol Sinfield BSc Hons

Leading Herbalife Wellness Coach and Director of Arriba Wellness Clubs Ltd, Herbalife Trainer for the Weight Loss Challenge Programme.

Mark Buckingham

British Duathlon Champion 2011. Member of the British Triathlon Team and TriGold squad. Runner, turned Cyclist, turned Triathlete.

Lucy Hall

Winner 2012 Salinas ITU Triathlon Premium Pan American Cup (Her teammates have nicknamed her, the Mermaid!)

David McCarthy

Professor David McCarthy, Head of Nutrition and Public Health Unit,
London Metropolitan University. Expert in the use of Tanita BIA scales in obesity research.


Jessica, Manager in a professional services firm in the UK - age 33 and overweight!



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Royal Mail


With over 130,000 employees, Royal Mail is one of the UK’s biggest employers



Timo Bracht

Winner Ironman France 2003, Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt in 2007 +2009, 5th Place Hawaii 2011



Sol Gilbert

Ultimate Trainer and Partner in ZT Family Fitness


Tam Fry FRSA 

Honorary Chairman, Child Growth Foundation & spokesperson, National Obesity Forum

Dr Simon Williams

Head of DivisionSport, Health and Exercise Science, Glamorgan University