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Tanita created the world’s first stand-on BIA body fat monitor in 1991. Since then, we have developed a wide portfolio of professional and home-use products that are renowned worldwide for being the most accurate and reliable.


All Tanita Body Composition Monitors use advanced Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology.

When you stand on a Tanita body composition monitor, your feet will be positioned on the four metal electrodes. A very low, safe electrical signal will be sent through your feet to your legs and abdomen. In some segmental models, you will also hold 4 electrodes. The signal passes from your hands, arms and chest to your legs.

The signal passes quickly through the water held in hydrated muscle tissue but meets resistance when it meets fat tissue. This resistance, also known as 'impedance', is measured and input into scientifically validated equations that will calculate body composition measurements.

Depending on the monitor, body composition measurements are provided in under 30 seconds.


The Tanita Multi-Frequency Monitors are able to measure impedance at different frequencies.

The lower frequencies measure the impedance external to the cell membrane.

The higher frequencies are able to penetrate the cell membrane.

By measuring impedance at both the lower and higher frequencies it is possible to estimate extra-cellular water (ECW), intra-cellular water (ICW) and Total Body Water. This information is essential for providing the health status of a person and indicating health risks such as severe dehydration or oedema. The additional frequencies provide a higher level of accuracy compared to single frequency monitors.


  • Prediction equations - The original prediction equations built into Tanitas software were derived by Professor research team at St Lukes/Roosevelt Hospital, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, New York.

    Extensive research has shown that the accurate prediction of an individuals body composition can only be determined if a range of additional parameters are included in the algorithm, such as gender, age and height, along with weight and impedance data.

    Tanita uses these additional parameters to sub-divide overall populations into smaller groups so that individuals can be compared with a high degree of accuracy to the results obtained with the gold standards - Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) and Under Water Weighing (UWW).

  • Scientific Excellence - Tanita BIA Monitors have been more extensively validated against alternative body composition techniques than any other company. The results are in the published international medical journals. In addition, our monitors have been used in hundreds of independent research studies worldwide, highlighting Tanita as the BIA gold standard within the scientific community. The Tanita Medical Advisory Board members ensure Tanita remains at the forefront of scientific advances.

  • Proactive in Preventative Healthcare - Tanita has continually invested in research projects that focus on preventing obesity in children. Together with Prof McCarthy et al, the world's first child centiles for body fat and muscle mass were developed. This data is now available for healthcare professionals to use in their daily assessments.

  • Precision Weighing mechanism - precision weight measurements are essential to the accuracy of body composition measurements. Tanita prides itself on manufacturing highly accurate weighing mechanisms in both home use and professional models. All Medically Approved professional monitors have been awarded NAWI Certification, MDD III and CE Approval ensuring the highest standards are met.

  • Robust Construction - Tanita has grown through continuous product innovation and a strong commitment to high manufacturing quality standards. We operate award-winning manufacturing facilities in Japan and China and guarantee the highest quality products. All of our medical products meet strict international quality standards and are independently quality-controlled. Tanita professional scales and analysers are calibrated for up to 300,000 uses.