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MC-780 MA Multi Frequency Segmental Body Composition Analyser

The MC780 Multi Frequency Segmental Body Composition Analyser is perfect for providing an instant analysis of a client’s health and fitness status and monitoring their progress over time.

The MC780 has been designed to be an interactive stand-alone unit where clients can step on and take a measurement without specialist assistance. A full segmental body composition analysis is performed in less than 20 seconds. The large LED dual displays show the body composition measurement data and the detailed segmental analysis in an easy-to-read illustrative format.

The measurement results are automatically stored on the SD Card, sent to a PC or transferred to a printer to generate a full consultation sheet for further discussion.  Data can also be sent wirelessly to a PC or Windows Tablet using a Bluetooth adaptor.

Goals for weight and body fat can be set using the ‘goal setter’ mode to increase motivation and demonstrate real progress of any weight loss or fitness program. All user data can be stored and used for detailed trend analysis using the GMon Health Monitor Software. 


MC 780 MA special features:

  • Multi-frequency segmental body composition analyser – 3 frequencies providing highly accurate, whole body and segmental measurements
  • Easy-to-use – the interactive console guides the user through the personal data input and measurement process without specialist assistance.
  • The console can also be reversed for confidential readings with children or when large obese clients step on.
  • All body composition results are shown on an easy-to-read, extra large LCD display. The dual display clearly shows the measurement results and the full segmental analysis.
  • The in-built SD card facility allows data to be automatically collected and downloaded at convenience – over 10,000 readings can be stored on a 2GB SD card.
  • A Client Identity feature allows continuous measurement data to be collected for each client effortlessly. The feature also allows large anonymous data sets to be collated for research studies.
  • Any printer with Pictbridge can be connected directly to the MC780 to enable full consultation sheets to be printed immediately after a measurement has been taken.
  • Compatible with GMon Health Monitor software allowing full database management, health assessments and progress reports to be generated.
  • Modular 3-part construction for fuss-free installation, maintenance and transport
  • Accredited MDD Class IIa and NAWI III




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AM-180 Activity Monitor with 3-Axis Accelerometer

The Tanita AM180 Activity Monitor uses the latest 3-axis accelerometer technology to provide reliable and accurate measurements of daily activity. The USB feature allows data to be transferred whenever required to a free web-based tracking dashboard or to GMon Health Solution Software for data collection and analysis.

Advanced technology

The auto detection provides accurate readings for low intensity running, walking and other daily activities. Data is shown in hourly segments. The inbuilt memory function allows 14 days worth of data to be recalled and viewed by the user and one year’s data can be stored on the device.  The battery is replaceable and has a 6 month duration.

Data  Analysis

The GMon MA Health Solution Software is a comprehensive database specifically designed to assist data collection, device set-up and analysis. Client profile data can be input to software and downloaded directly to the AM180, saving time and reducing the risk of data entry errors. Once data has been recorded, the measurements can be downloaded via the USB port and automatically uploaded directly to each client’s data file. Simple charts and progress reports can then be created for analysis or a personalised consultation. In addition, a client’s AM180 measurements can be assessed side-by-side with their BIA body composition measurements showing the full impact of their lifestyle on their body.

Practical design

The location of where an accelerometer is worn can have a direct impact on the accuracy of results. After extensive research, Tanita has established wearing the AM180 at chest level reduces the risk of over or under measuring  each movement, especially when fast-walking or jogging. The neck strap and safety clip makes the AM180 easy-to-wear and practical for all users ensuring the highest accuracy in all environments.

Free online dashboard

Users can instantly access their data by registering to the free online dashboard at my.tanita.eu. Their measurement data can be remotely transferred from the website for more frequent data collection.

Key motivational tool

Users on a diet or fitness program can use optional pre-set targets to aid motivation for  daily number of Steps - once the target number of steps are set for that day, the ‘goal’ feature will notify the user 1,000 steps before the goal is reached. Targets for each measurement can be set via GMon Software and transferred to the AM180 to promote an increase of physical activity week-by-week.


  • Perfect for monitoring daily physical activity of clients on any health or fitness program
  • Cost effective tool for collating physical activity data for research projects
  • Provides personalised lifestyle data for in-depth consultations and guidance

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MC-980MA Extra-high Capacity Segmental Body Composition Analyser

Incorporating the latest multi-frequency BIA technology with the flexibility of in-built Microsoft® Windows® real time operating system software, this monitor provides fast, convenient and accurate information.

The MC 980 provides a full body composition analysis in less than 30 seconds and has an easy-to-follow colour interactive touch screen display. The in-built software runs in 14 languages and the detailed consultation sheet shows the client’s full results, such as segmental analysis, basal metabolic rate and phase angle in an easy-to-read format.

The USB ports allow simple data input or output as well as accessories to be connected including printers, bar code scanners and data capture devices.

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HC-212 Breath Checker

Simply turn it on, breathe into the sensor, and a reading appears on the digital display. Measures odor in seconds. Results displayed in six levels. Measures the amount of volatile sulfur compounds (VCSs) given off by bacteria.

Easy to read and operate. Convenient and discrete to use.



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BC-545N Segmental Body Composition Monitor

  • 10 body composition measurements taken in just 15 seconds! A unique body assessment providing essential information on the progress of the effectiviness of your training
  • Muscle and Fat % measurements given for your arms, legs and trunk area displayed in easy-to-read graphics. Fine tune your training program and set targets for increasing muscle and decreasing fat in your arms, legs and trunk area
  • High resolution colour display including new improved easy-to-read analytical graphics
  • Fast measurement time- just 15 seconds
  • modern design with convenient retractable hand electrodes
  • auto recognition feature allows user to step on for a reading - no buttons to press!
  • Includes body mass index and visceral fat in 0.5 steps

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BC-601 Segmental Body Composition Monitor with SD card connectivity

Segmental body composition analysis is ideal for enhancing your sports performance.  It will allow you to identify any physiological and biomechanical asymmetries so that you can tailor your training and fitness regime to improve the distribution of fat and muscle mass and achieve your personal goals.

To use, place your feet over the four footplates on the platform and gently pull the hand electrodes on the sides of the platform. The monitor will then send a safe, low frequency signal through your body.

Your results are shown in the extra large LCD colour display and the retractable cord ensures that the handset fits snugly into the main unit for easy storage. Body composition data is automatically stored on the SD card and can be downloaded onto your computer so that you can view and manage your data using the free ‘Bodyvision’ software or try our new web based my.tanita.eu software

 For a more in dept analysis of your data, extended graphs and more option, have a look at our GMON consumer software, you can try it 30 days for free!

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BC-730 Mini Body Composition Monitor

Using the latest Innerscan technology you will see the true  impact of your diet and fitness programme on your body giving you the motivation to achieve your goals.

Results are clearly displayed on a two-line LCD easy-to-read screen. The compact design makes it ideal if you want to monitor your body composition when travelling and is ideal for storing away in a drawer or cupboard.  The auto recognition feature means that you will only have to enter your details once - the monitor will recognise you and bring up your personal data each time you step on.

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BC-731 Body Composition Monitor

The compact glass design ensures easy storage. The large LCD easy-to-read

display clearly shows all body composition measurements in seconds.

With Athlete mode and a 5 user memory, the BC-731 is perfect for any home.

Available in 2 colours - White and Black.

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BC-1000 ANT+ Wireless Body Composition Monitor 200KG capacity

So, as well as transferring your data wirelessly to your computer (via an ANT+ USB stick), the BC-1000 can also transfer it to a handy desktop display (D1000) or Garmin Fitness watch. 

In addition to weight, body fat percentage and hydration levels, the BC-1000 will calculate your muscle mass, daily calorie intake, metabolic age, physique rating, bone mass and visceral fat.  All nine readings are transferred wirelessly to your devices within seconds of you stepping on the platform.  When in range of your computer, the information will also be automatically transmitted using the wireless USB stick and Tanita’s computer software. The BC-1000 is not compatible with a MAC

This is also the first Tanita product without a display screen, as readings are automatically transmitted to your fitness watch, desktop display or computer, allowing totally private monitoring.

The BC-1000’s wireless technology is compatible with the Garmin FR60, FR70, Forerunner 210, 310, 610 and 910 Fitness Watches and the Garmin Edge 800, 810 and 510. 

Download here the driver to install the ANT+ USB stick for your BC1000

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