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Mini scales

Our comprehensive range of mini scales offers exceptional accuracy with guaranteed precision.  High capacity, energy-saving and portable models are available and the full range of measurements

Please choose from our range

1479J Professional Mini Scale with Ultra Precision Technology
  • Easy-to-read large LCD
  • 5 digit display
  • Portable size & simple calibration
  • Easy-to-switch mode
  • Tare function
  • Soft case included
1479S-300 Pocket Scale with LCD Display
  • 300g capacity pocket scale with cover
  • Measurements in increments of 0.1g.
1479V Mini Scale
  • Our bestselling mini scale and industry gold standard
  • 0.1g increments
  • 200.0g capacity.
1479Z Pocket Scale
  • Ultra thin pocket scale with case
  • 200g weighing capacity
  • Measurements in increments of 0.1g.
1230 Mini Carat Scale
  • 0.01ct increments
  • 100.00ct maximum capacity.
1475T High Capacity Mini Scale with Protective Hard cover
  • 1,200g capacity mini scale
  • 1g – 2-5g increments up to 1,000g.
1579 Pocket Scale
  • 200g capacity pocket scale with case
  • Measures in increments of 0.01g.
KP-400 M High Capacity Mini Scale
  • Large capacity mini scale – 400g
  • Measures in increments of 0.1g – 0.2g.
KP-601 Mini Carat Scale
  • Mini scale with DC Jack adaptor
  • 500-carat capacity
  • Measures in increments of 0.01ct
  • Dual blue backlit displays
  • Eight units of measurement.
1210N Mini Carat Scale
  • Mini carat scale with DC jack adapter
  • 0.01ct increments
  • 100.00ct maximum capacity.