Tanita Launches the 500 calorie restaurant in Tokyo | Tanita

Tanita Launches the 500 calorie restaurant in Tokyo

Tanita Launches the 500 calorie restaurant in Tokyo

19-09-12 |

Earlier this year, Tanita opened an exciting new concept restaurant, named TANITA SHOKUDO in downtown Tokyo

Tanita's Restaurant

The aim of this new eatery is to change the game when it comes to healthy dining.  The new restaurant follows a simple, nutritionally balanced diet principle and serves two course options, each containing a main dish, soup, two sides and white rice.

Along with the food, diners can take advantage of free dietary advice from a qualified dietician in a private consultation room where a full Body Composition Analysis can be carried out.

There are also the latest tools at each table that will help customers make healthier food choices. In addition to timer that’s set to 20 minutes (the optimal time it should take you to consume a meal, according to professional dieticians), each table has a weighing scale to determine exactly how much should be eaten for a healthy lunch or dinner.

Inspired by the major success of Tanita’s cookbook featuring healthy meals less than 500 calories, the Tanita Shokudo restaurant offers diners an interactive dining experience that gives them the tools and advice to eat more healthily.