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Tanita: Helping people to enjoy healthier lives

Tanita’s core objective is to research and bring to market technologies that facilitate health monitoring, both for professionals and for the health conscious public.

• Market leader:

Tanita has set the gold standard for Precision Electronic Scales and Body Composition Analysers worldwide.

• Innovator:

Tanita’s research and development of BIA technology led to the creation of the world’s first integrated stand-on Body Fat Scale for medical use in 1992 and the first Body Fat Monitor for home use in 1994.  It was also, more recently, first to market with Segmental Body Composition Analysis.

• Trusted manufacturer:

Tanita’s products are used and trusted by the scientific research community.  Its range of professional products is an indispensable part of weight management programmes, fitness assessments and occupational health programmes all over the world.

• Guaranteed quality:

Tanita’s superior technology, unique design and high manufacturing standards have been accredited with a range of awards and quality certifications, including MDD Class III, NAWI, FDA, CE, JQL.

• Scientific excellence:

Tanita’s research and development has been carried out by a team of experts for more than 20 years and supported for the past 12 years by a team of senior scientists and obesity experts who sit on the Tanita Medical Advisory Board. This has ensured Tanita body composition measurements are the most accurate, reliable and repeatable on the market today.