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Monitor your body composition - enhance your sports performance

Body composition and weight are two of the many factors that contribute to optimal exercise performance.  Taken together, these two factors may affect an athlete’s potential for success in a given sport.  A lean body, for example, one with a greater muscle to fat ratio, is often advantageous in sports where speed is involved.

  • Body weight can influence an athlete’s speed, endurance and power

  • Body composition can affect an athlete’s strength, agility and appearance. 

To find the right balance between weight, hydration, fat and muscle and achieve peak performance, it is important to monitor body composition over time and in conjunction with your training regime.  In general, having a relatively low body fat percentage may aid athletic performance by improving the strength-to-weight ratio and lowering resistance, or ‘drag’.  Having too little body fat on the other hand can be dangerous, as it is an essential energy store, which is particularly important for race training and endurance sports.

Body fat percentage and muscle mass varies depending on the gender of the athlete and the sport.  Your optimal 'body fat-to-muscle ratio' should therefore be determined on an individual basis.  Because the amount of body fat, not total weight, is the important factor in living a healthy life; it is better to determine and track the percentage of your body weight that is fat.  As you train more, your weight may not change, even if your body fat percentage drops and your muscle mass increases.  This change will ultimately affect your hydration levels and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and your diet should change accordingly.

Monitoring your body composition, rather than just your weight, will help you to reach your peak performance healthily and safely.


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